28 February 2011

tiny seahorse

Here I mentioned starting a project for a special someone. Well, it's finished and been given. I visited one of my best friends this week and this little guy was for her newest little girl born last month.
Designed as I crocheted I had a bit of challenge getting the shape I wanted. I even cut his neck off and unpulled some and re-crocheted it shorter and wider. I did that because his neck was a bit floppy so I changed the shape a bit and packed it tighter with stuffing. I also did a cute little tummy patch so it would stick out. I then did this cool wavy fin thing from his head right down his back. I was about to do some little fins for arms when I decided I'd google 'seahorse' and see what they actually looked like to get the fins right. Only, I discovered they don't really have fins....or big wavy bits down their backs. Oops. So I changed it again to be a better representation. I cut off the wavy bit and crocheted some little ... umm... nobly bits for his head and gave hime a nice little dorsal fin.
Here's his cute little head. I went with little black buttons for his pupils. With his tail, I just crocheted a straight tube that got wider and turned into his body. Then, after stuffing it, I just twirled the tail lots pulling it into shape. It's not as spiral-like as I was intending. I was even thinking of stitching it in place so it would stay but I decided it looked better like this. It should be flexible coz they use their tails to hold onto seaweed and stuff.
Okay, so Tiny isn't really into toys yet but it still makes a cute picture. The day will come when she finds the seahorse interesting and wants to play and then he will be lovingly sucked on and stretched and tossed around. Ü


  1. I like the little knobbly bits on the head, and his wall-eyed expression. hehe. Clementine is pretty cute, too...

  2. Aw, what a cute picture of your friends gorgeous baby with the seahorse. Aw. I think it's fab, by the way, you did a great job! I love his belly and tail.