02 February 2011

new wrap

Here's my travel friendly needle/hook wrap. I finished it by the weekend as predicted. It has pockets at both ends so I can buy lots more. Or perhaps home all my current ones when the projects are complete. I stitched it with two colours--brown and blue. As I was stitching the pockets on the second end I realised I was going to run out of blue. So I picked and chose which lines I was going to sew and which ones I'd skip and went until the thread ran out. Instead of having the same pockets on both sides, one has some larger pockets which actually worked out well. When I did my rough measurements I used my knitpro crochet hooks. I didn't realise that the metal double pointed needles were bigger. Bit of a d'oh. But if I slant them over in the biggest pocket, they fit. Yay.
Then to close it you fold it in half which stops all the hooks and needles falling out.
I designed it to then fold in uneven thirds so it's flat meaning that I can store my circular needles in here too.
It makes a niftly little carry case that is a great size for travelling with. Perfect to tuck away in my luggage when I head off to the UK. And since I was making a trip to Melbourne to visit some friends I decided to go a bit earlier and visit Morris & Sons and add two 2.75mm circulars and a 3mm hook to my collection. Oh yeah, found some nice metal necklace clasps and decided to add one to this to hold it closed. Different and interesting and a little bit fancy. I'm very happy with this.


  1. Looks fab! I particularly love the necklace clasp to keep it closed.

  2. That looks fantastic Kel. I really love that fabric too. Very pretty!
    Meeks xo

  3. Hello Kelly!
    I do need a case to take it around for knitting alfresco :D I love the travel friendly wrap especially it folds in half!