04 February 2011

leafy neck wrap

It's done! I finally got around to blocking the edging. I needed to stretch it out as much as possible. With it blocked I could get around to sewing it to the main part. I needed to squish the stitching at the button end so it would reach right to the end. I also decided to crochet along the top just to give it an edge and squish the to button end there too so it was a nice rectangle shape. Then I ironed it flat. A bit of trying and retrying with the buttons. Nice ones I had. Fake metal with a swirly pattern that suit this project well. The photo here has only three but I ended up going with four coz it sits better when done up. I do it up along the long top edge where the leaf edge begins and it looks like the edging goes all the way around.
I like it. ^^ I like the leafy pattern. It was a fairly simple pattern to knit. I just had to keep track of where I was up to and pay attention. It knit up fairly quick using Patons Wilderness in the green colouring whatever it's called. It's 10ply or so and I used 8mm needles. Oh, I just used a stitch pattern from my Knitting & Crochet Bible and an edging from there too. It's pretty basic. A fancy kind of casual to wear though.


  1. Really pretty. The colur suits you! I love that leaf edging, I think it makes a scarf look really classy.

  2. Anonymous6/2/11 00:11

    I like it!