24 December 2011

all wrapped up

Yay! I've finally finished off my work family's Christmas presents and have wrapped them up ready for the day. I finished off the second mitt I've already told you about. I also finished up a heatbag. I crocheted the front with a star stitch in a multicolour half wool half acrylic that I had in my stash.
I knitted two sides for the back that are buttoned up to hold in the heatbag. Only one minor issue I needed to cover up. I laid all the pieces overlapping in the right order to sew them together but forgot that as I was doing that inside out the order needed to be "inside out" so to speak. So basically, once I'd turned it in the right way the button side overlapped over the button holes instead of the other way around. So I pulled it to overlap the right way which twisted the ends a bit. But I sewed them down so it all works. ;) The bag is denim sewn in sections and filled with buckwheat.I also made some wine glass rings with a black, white and silver theme. So it can go with any table setting. I had to get a little creative to come up with ways to make each one look different. I only had a few mini charms. I think they look quite smart though.Now to pack and catch a train to the country house where I'm having Christmas with my work family since my actual family is all the way home in Australia. I'll see them online on Christmas morning then I'll kick back and relax and enjoy a wintery few days away.


  1. hope you are having a great Christmas day!

    Tagging you in my blog: http://alessandrahayden.blogspot.com/2011/12/tag-your-it.html

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas and didn't miss your family too much. The perils of being away.