07 February 2010


February is here and the year is on. All my jobs are on the go again and I'm still searching for that one that will allow me to cut back to three jobs. I've been filling lots of my spare time daring to knit the challenging Snapdragon Flip-Tops!! There's lots of stitches involved that I've never done before. I've never cabled before but I am! And it's looking good. Bonus!
It's been a tricky juggle using a knitting needle for a cable needle but I was managing and progressing nicely with not too many hiccups.
Don't you think it's looking good? Coming along well and I'm liking the colours muchly. I had to change the starting point at one stage so I decided to create a stitch marker. I found a cute necklace I've had a long time and basically took the pendant off and attached it straight to the clasp. It works lovely and looks cute. I haven't worn the necklace in years but I keep it coz it's the perfect "best friends" necklace. You see, I have two best friends. One of them bought these for us. Obviously I have the "Best" one and they have "Friends" and "Forever". I think they are hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys too. Cute. And they remind me of my very dear friends whom I've known for close to two decades! So now it's in use again as my stitch marker hanging on something I find joy in doing.
And here's my current progress. I worked on both of these this afternoon. My second sock is coming along well too. Just knitting on down to the heel. I've gotta keep on it or May will be upon me before I can get to the toes. And the snapdragon's progressed too. It slowed down to about two rounds in 1.5 hrs when I kept ending on the wrong stitch and had to find my mistake, tink on back and re-knit. Urgh. But it's staying as it should and looking right AND I managed to do four rounds today. I'm quite proud of my effort so far and I'm over half way through the cuff pattern. Oh, and you can also see that I got myself a cable needle. It's quite a bit easier than a long knitting needle. ^^


  1. Anonymous7/2/10 22:13

    I learned cabling and different stitches on the 4ply top I made my other nephew-Tim. I got very good at the tinking. ;)


  2. Your mittens are looking great!

    Just to throw another option into the mix, have a look at this article.
    It explains cables, and shows how to cable without a cable needle. Once I learned this technique I never looked back!