06 November 2009

shrug in the making

It's in preparation for the final stages!! Woo. I got this pattern from a link off Ravelry and thought I'd try it. My first lot of lace work for knitting, first blocking and first item that's not a scarf or fingerless gloves. (For a knitting project that is) It's a shrug I'm making out of 12ply Rustic Red Current from Bendigo Woollen Mills that my sister kindly gave me from her overflowing stash. I thought it looked too loose when I started though so I double it. It will be a nice thick wooly shrug to keep the chill away on those nights/days when it's just a little too warm for a jumper. I decided to block it today to get the right shape. Next I have to put ribbing along both the long sides, do a little stitching and it will be ready to wear. Yipee! So far so good...

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