04 November 2009

it's a wrap

I started this project weeks, maybe months, ago. I struck some design challenges though that I couldn't figure out my way around. So I left it sitting on my desk which got piled with dumped mess and stayed that way for quite some time. However, today I woke feeling creative and crafty so my desk got cleared and I spent the morning happily working away.
I made this yarn work tools wrap from two lots of fabric I love together. Not the best for this project as it was some kind of stretchy stuff. I ended up with a lot of bumps and gatherings that I didn't plan but I don't care. ^^ To make it sturdier I put a firm liner between the fabric and to make it that much prettier I put brown ribbon around the edges to neaten it all up.

It has ten knitting needle slots and six crochet hook slots. Gotta have my crochet hooks in there too. The flap is to stop the knitting needles from sliding out when it's rolled up and being carted around. And I decided to put a little pocket in the left over space in case I get adventurous and try a pattern that requires stitch markers or such. Lastly, this evening after work and some errands, I made the tie to hold the roll together. I am quite satisfied with the end product and happy with a productive day. I love beautiful things that are practical--especially with the glee of knowing your own hands have made them.


  1. I think you did a great job.
    My hooks are all in a little bag, so messy... LOL

  2. Now if you could just design a good one for all different sizes and lengths of circulars... ;)

    Looks good. How much wool is in your wool stash now, I wonder?


  3. Well, Tam, the crochet hook slots would hold circulars nicely. As for my wool stash...I have a nice big basket full. But it's dwindling slowly...