13 November 2009

i'm a tree

Check it out!! My tree costume whipped up in 2 days in between work. Hanging out with a friend in Melbourne this weekend. Going to roam markets, craft shops and fabric shops tomorrow. Woohoo. Anyhoo, she forgot about a party she said she'd go to tonight. So she asked and I can go too. It's an Alice in Wonderland theme so I'm going as a tree as there are a bunch of significant trees in the story. I intend on being the one with the hole that Alice fell down following the rabbit. ^^
I bought some cheap cotton gloves, dyed them with coffee (so they smell a bit like old coffee) and did a quick, rough sew job for the headpiece. Then I hand-sewed leaf-shaped felt cutouts onto the fingers of the gloves and the tips of the headpiece. Sufficient enough I think. I kinda like the leafy hands. I think they'll get in the way a bit but they are fun to wear.
So I'm off on the train shortly...with my brother actually. Turns out he's tripping to and from Melbourne same times as me to catch up with his fiance who is doing some work training there. We shall ride together. Fun!

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