17 July 2009

sheep and wool show

I went with my sister, Tammy, to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show today. We had a great time!! Just the two of us (no kids) and a whole day to roam the sheds and buy some treasures. It took us quite a while to find what really interested us...there were lots of live sheep on show. But where's the yarn and gadgets!? We did find it thankfully. So much nice stuff. Tammy had been saving for months so she got to go home with more including a drop spindle made from a banksia and an umbrella swift which is incredibly useful to turn a skein into ball of yarn. There really was quite a lot to see and I enjoyed myself a lot more than expected. I left with a sigh and wishing I'd had more money to spend there. It was worth going though. So worth it.
Here's Tammy trying her hand at spinning wool. Her hand didn't manage so well. Ha ha. It's a lot harder than it looks.Anyone want a beer? A good one to buy and shove in with your mate's stash for a fun joke...they're all made of wood!

Checking out some wooden gizmos...the guy was showing us how to use a drop spindle.
And my few treasures...bamboo circular needles, a small skein of Aussie Merino and a big skein of Aussie Silk Merino, my bonus for babysitting the night before...paid in yarn! Mmm so nice.

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  1. I love the colours of the yarn you got, so vibrant! Being paid in yarn is the best idea.
    Glad you enjoyed the show, it looked like lots of fun!