04 July 2009

i'm a socker

I've cast on yet another project before completing any other ones! But I'm ready to try something a little more challenging than flat rectangles. So after being inspired by all the sock knitting I've seen recently I decided to spend a voucher on some sock yarn and have a go myself. I'm using Moda Vera Noir in Fantasia and my sister gave me some lovely wooden doublepointed needles to use. I love knitting with wooden needles. So I began. I've already made loads of mistakes--ha ha--most of which I've ignored. Ü It's fun to have a go at something new and a bit more challenging. Have to finish some of my other projects though. My WIPs bag is getting a bit overfull. He he.


  1. At least you have a WIPs bag, not half a dozen of them Ü

  2. Yay! Another sock convert haha. Nice yarn, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished sock!