02 April 2009


Oh no! I think my sister is rubbing off on me!! Argh! We went to McDonald's for breakfast for her birthday (Happy Birthday TammyÜ) so we could eat yummy food and let the kids run around on the playground. Afterwards she took me up to Spotlight as there were a couple of things I wanted to get. Spotlight is a dangerous store for the craft-lover. Eek! See....
I spent a bit more than I intended. Ok, a lot more. But most of the stuff was on a great special and of course I got straight to play when I got home. Knitting some more long fingerless gloves with my new rosewood 6mm needles. Something so much nicer about using natural products. Think I might just have to steer clear of Spotlight for a while though.

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA!

    Let me know when you get a stash space, like that big basket you were talking about. Then I can start giving you bits of my stash for presents Ü

    Thanks for the magazines. I found your note (dammit... I was GOING to make you a hat, too; now that surprise is gone. Never mind; I like that pattern you 'noted' better than the one I had planned. But it won't be green...)