22 January 2009

Arm Warmers

I stayed out at my sister's for a few days late last year. She does a lot of knitting and got me feeling all creative. So while we watched the X-men Trilogy I got knitting too. I haven't done a lot before so I'm not the best at it. This is a left over wool mix from the pinwheel jumper Tammy knitted and I just love the colours. And I liked the look of moss stitch and so I got knitting.
I decided after a while of simply knitting to make long fingerless gloves. Easy. Just a rectangle where you sew the seams together with a hole left for the thumb. I misinterpreted Tammy's explaination of Irish Moss Stitch and did some checkers around the wrist area finishing each end with some ribbing.
The second glove was hard to match. It was too difficult to count rows so I just guessed the length but I think I made the left one a bit short and they are both a little wide and so a bit loose which means they don't stay at my elbows so well. And of course there's a few characteristic holes where I've accidently dropped stitches. He he. I still like them though. Might just have to adjust them a little some day.


  1. Slightly mismatched is great! Makes them look a bit more creative and a bit less like you bought them at some shop for $10. Nice colors! (hehe). They totally make them look even warmer. That first photo is really nice, like it should be in a knitting magazine. Ü

    You could easily go over the seams again to make them a bit tighter. That moss stitch is nice, isn't it. They look great, and are just the right length, I think.


  2. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks so much for your inquiry about the 'I heart laughter' brooch. Sounds lovely. Can you send me an email at sophieisobeldesigns@hotmail.com so I can answer all your questions and get your details etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Sophie :)