18 April 2009

toe warmers

Laughable I know. But there IS reason behind it. He he. There's been a few nights the last week where my toes have been cold in bed. I've put on socks but by early morning I find I'm too hot. Well, I crocheted one of these toe warmers yesterday with lovely soft Patons Bunyip (two completely used up my 50gm ball). It covers over my toes and stays there by tying around my ankle. I wore the one to bed last night and it worked quite well. It was nice too when I got up and walked across the lino coz only half my toes got cold--the naked ones. Today I made a pair for it and my toes can stay all snuggly tonight.
And this is my new doona cover. $4 from the opshop. Score! I love foliage.

1 comment:

  1. We just bought a heater for Byron's room, too. It's only going to get colder. Hurry up, Global Warming!

    Funny toe warmers - a good idea. Reminds me of some heel-less socks I've seen on Ravelry.

    If only you could crochet yourself a car Ü