29 January 2009

my studio

I reorganised my room this week and I tidied up the last of it today. I'm so excited. I made it so my room has a bedroom end and now the other end is my studio! I'm gonna spend more time creating I've decided coz I love to do it and it makes me happy.
Tadah.... My studio! Just cleaned. It won't stay this way for long. Look, there's already a project waiting for me on my work desk.
Isn't the fabric gorgeous! I just love clearances. This stuff is gonna become the "ideas and inspiration board" I decided to make one night last week when I wanted to be asleep. I can finally get started. It's gonna look GREAT above my desk.


  1. Bet a lot of people have done "trying to sleep" thinking this week. LOL. We had the hall door open so the air conditioner could cool our room and Jasmine's, but it couldn't seem to get it down below 30 until about 11pm last night. Poor Jazzem!

    Telly just got a whole craft room in her new house. I'm so jealous Ü

  2. Oooohhhhh.... I'm jealous too!!! I'm starting to dream of having my own house...just so I can have a whole room as a studio. Ha ha. Ü
    It wasn't one of the hot nights I did my "trying to sleep" thinking. It was coz I looked at creative blogs and got my creative juices going. This was shortly before this bizarre heatwave hit. Might have to drop by mum and dad's tomorrow and visit them (and check out their new airconditioner.)