28 January 2009


This is a comic strip I did for an invitation to my brother's birthday party. We had lamb on the barbeque. I have a small collection of FarmDaze™ that I've sketched just for fun. Soon after the one above I discovered sketching with a flat tip pen which is way more fun.
And here is the second strip of FarmDaze­™ that I sketched back in 2001.


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  2. Don't you just love junk mail in dodgy English? lol. Like the top one best. Took me a while to read the other ones. Bit blurry!

    How toasty is it? It's nearly 10pm and Jasmine will Not Go To Sleep!

  3. He he. I know. Don't get many though.

    Yeah blogger doesn't like putting up photos the size I want so stretching the "large" ones didn't work like I wanted it to. Oh well.

    It's cooking. Lucky you with an airconditioner. Our house is an oven.