27 December 2010

wearing blueberries

Blueberries for my feet! I've been working on these a while now. They are made from Moda Vera Noir that I split into two balls and doubled the knitting thickness. This also stopped them from striping and instead made them a speckly blueberry colour as well as doubled the progress speed. I made up my own pattern. Just a simple checkerboard with 3k 3p on top of the foot. I knit these toe-up which is I think I like better. I didn't have enough yarn to make them very long and in fact, decided I needed to use other yarn for a cuff so I'd have enough blueberry yarn for another whole sock. So I used the Moda Vera Noir left over from my first pair.
These ones are short and cosy. Love wool socks coz they do such a good job at keeping my toes warm. I'm gonna need more since I'm moving to the UK next year. I have two lots of sock yarn waiting though so I shall be casting on another pair soon enough. I'm off to flick through the pages at ravelry ^^


  1. Love those socks, they look super cosy!

  2. it looks like they are nice and soft.
    you did a wonderful job!