09 November 2010

ripple scarf

As I was working away on my Ripple Afghan I would think, "This would make a nice simple scarf. I must make one when I'm done here." So I did.

This ripple scarf is crocheted from stuff I had. Cleckheaton pink, some left over BWM Mongolian (from the afghan), Sean Sheep light pink stuff I had still and the multicolour is BWM Luxury that was overdyed by my sister. It's all just the simple zigzag pattern with some little shell shapes on the ends to neaten it all up. It's now nicely folded and put aside waiting to head off to a future birthday girl.


  1. Definitely enough pink. Looks good; I've been thinking about scarves lately. Might try a sideways "Feather and Fan" version some time.

    Speaking of pink, is that pink pj's I see under that scarf? hehee

  2. Lovely scarf! The ripple pattern is so versatile!

  3. Yes yes, pink and pink. The birthday girls favourite colour is pink. My pink pj top was a cheapo I bought in the US. $2.50 or something.