16 April 2010

loop scarf

Finished my loop scarf the other week. Finally wove the ends in so I could wear it this week. I've been a bit annoyed about the curl. In the photo below you can see just the underside because the edges curl due to most of the scarf being stocking stitch with eyelets. I thought the ribbing on the edges would help...but it doesn't. I still wore it. Then I woke up today with an idea...
I ironed where the ribbing meets the stocking stitch and it worked wonders. I'm thrilled! Much happier with it now and I quite like the brightness of the blue. It's pretty good on length. I could get away with it being a little shorter. It's nice to have something warm around my neck without dangly ends. I shall have to make another some time.
I'm also thrilled today because I came across a lovely new product. I was shopping at Big W (actually searching for a present) and couldn't resist buying wool for myself! Ever the knitter! I've never seen it before. It's Sean Sheep Wool! The colours are lovely...but I can't show you coz I don't have my camera with me. I bought two Prairie, one Stirling and one Rockbank, all lots of mixed colours. All pure Aussie wool except Rockbank. It's 70% wool and 30% Soybean. And what's also thrilling is it cost just $2.86 per 50g ball. Cheaper than the pure wool balls at Spotlight and prettier colours. Oooo the delights of wool! Check out their website and see what I mean.


  1. lovely scarf!!!
    I'm going to check the website, I'm crious to see what you were talking about... heh\e

  2. Love your scarf. It'a amazing what a blocking or bit of ironing can to to a piece of knitting, it completely transforms it!
    Seán Sheep Wool? Too cute! I must check this out.