14 October 2009

the jeanan special

I realised (a little too late) that it was my friend Danielle's birthday and I would see her in two days time. Drat! I'd like to get her something, or better yet, make her something. So on a visit to my sister's I gathered some specific scraps of wool. Danielle (Jeanan is her Chinese name) absolutely loves my arm warmers (aka. long fingerless gloves) in this wool so I thought maybe I had enough time to make her some short ones. One a day... Ha!! The problem with inventing a pattern as you go is that it always takes much longer than I expect as there a multiple faults to adapt too....like making it too small so how can I make it bigger without undoing it all and starting again. Well, success came, with one glove, in the two days. So when I saw her I gave her the wrapped present and told her she would have to give it back temporarily. She'd see why when she opened it. "I have to make the other one yet and I need this one to make sure they match." But of course she hesitated giving it back coz she loved it. That's a good sign though. Now to make the second. It's underway but I must get it done by Sunday when I see her again.


  1. I love it!
    The little buttons there are so cute too, this is just darling.

  2. I love it too!
    Your friend will be happy to have'em both! they're just lovely!
    I think she must wait to use them... I just realised that here in the south... summer is about to start! you have plenty of time to finish it before she really needs it!

  3. He he yes it is warming slowly. However, where I live it is still pretty cold some days and she is also going to China during summer break to see family so she'll be able to use them soon enough.