19 June 2009

yarn projects bag

I've just been using an oversized enviro-bag to carry my WIPs (Work In Progress) around. And it's getting holey so sometimes my needles stick out. So I decided to head up to the nearby Savo's opshop and see what I could find. I ended up with this. It's a good size--not too big but big enough to fit a few projects in and long enough to fit knitting needles inside. I only had to make a donation for it too. I didn't like the long handles so I twisted them round and wound some green 4ply cotton around the handles to make them stay there. I think it's a great improvement. Now it's easier and funkier to cart my WIPs with me.

I also bought some sock yarn the other day with a gift voucher from a friend. Moda Vera Noir in Fantasia. I haven't knitted anything but flat rectangles so it will be interesting to see how I go. But after our Knit In Public Day gathering I'm inspired to give it a go...not to mention that the socks my sister knitted me for my birthday are superwarm and cosy.


  1. Y'see I'd never see a bag or anything else and think, "I know! I'll twist the handles and wrap some yarn round" and voila! A unique funky knitting bag. *sigh* You creative types make me all jealous lol ;)

  2. LOL. Well if it's any consolation,you knit way better than me. I'm so varied in my creating that I don't really perfect one.