24 June 2009

making of another kind

Often referred to as cooking or baking, I set to work yesterday preparing to please the crowds. My community group met for the last time for this term and had dinner together. We just ordered pizza (which was delicious) but I took dessert. I whipped up some simple caramel tarts, some jelly slice which is usually popular and the requested choc chip biscuits. Mmm. Now that's delightful creating. Consumption enjoyed by all.


  1. Oh. My. God, those caramel tarts and jelly slices look delicious. Makes me wish I was in your community group lol - do you accept distance members? You could squish a jelly slice in the post to me haha

  2. LOL. My housemate suggested selling them and posting them but I just don't think posting jelly slice would work.