29 October 2008

wire hat

This is me! I thrive when I'm creating. I feel a-buzz with life when ideas are flowing or my creating is coming together. Over my years I have created many things of all sorts. This blog is to share my creations and other attempts with anyone who is interested in creative ideas.

The hat in the picture above is one I made for a 21st party that you had to wear a hat to. I made the basic shape from thick wire and then randomly intertwined it with smaller wire. I decorated it with black sequined string around the brim (smaller than the size I wanted--due to cost) and pink metallic string weaved around the bulk of the hat. I also spotted the brim, beyond the black sequin-string, with pink flower sequins and finished it off with a couple of stalks of sliver and black balls that stick out toward the front on one side. Whilst it does nothing for sun protection, it is quite interesting and the weight of the wire keeps it sitting happily on my head without much struggle. It's now about six and a half years old but I still like it.

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