30 October 2008

hand sewn shoulder bag

This was a cheap bag that kept me creatively busy for a couple of weeks. I made this last year while I was in the USA. I bought the material from the scraps pile at a local craft store, designed it and got to work. Everything is handsewn, not by choice, but by necessity. The people I lived with didn't have a sewing machine. Most of it is back-stictched for strength; some parts twice. I put the circles on to give it a bit of fun colour purposefully staggering the stripes. I really like the black material, actually more of a charcoal with black stitching. I like the plain but not boring factor of that material.

I put a flap on the inside with two pockets both sides (so the one on the backside can hide the secret stuff), a loop to hang my sunnies on the left end and a mobile phone pocket on the other end. I also sewed in an oversized press stud at the top to enable me to clasp it shut if I want. It's quite a sturdy bag and I enjoy using it.


  1. I like that charcoal material, too. Nice. Do you ever use it? How are the superlong fingerless gloves going?

  2. I use that bag a lot. Especially last year when it was the only big bag I had. But I still use it and really like it.

    The fingerless gloves are done. Should fix a few of those slipped stitches.