20 June 2013

bramble cowl

A cowl worked with bramble stitch.  Just your basic rectangle with ends sewn together.  At least that was the idea.  I decided to knit this out of Moda Vera Audrey in 3901 Rainbow which was actually half knit into a plain scarf. I frogged that obviously.  I used 6mm needles to stretch the yarn out as I only had two balls of it.  However, once I'd finished my rectangle, I decided it was too floppy as I wanted it to stand up more around the neck.  So I started a new rectangle with garter stitch to make a liner.

Half way along I realised my guessed width wasn't matching but I decided to knit the right length and then pull out my crochet hook.  I crocheted some extra around the edges and then sewed the two pieces together, joined them in the loop and did a few stitches in the middle section so it wouldn't gap and bubble.  Very cosy and warm though a little more 'turtle neck' than intended.  This one's a surprise gift.

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