03 September 2010


Here's a little experimentation. I decided to make myself another little bag and try a few modifications. I've been thinking about inverting the bottom but not game to do it on ones I want to sell. I went ahead and tried it on this one as I thought it would work pretty well since the fabric is covered with circles. And that part I think works well. I'm not sure about the other part though...
I also inverted the handle but I'm not sure it works as well. It just looks ... inside out. Like I made a mistake. Not too bad, just a bit odd. I also did a dark blue contrast ribbon and saw some nice green buttons sitting on my desk and decided to sew them on rather than do a knot. Just matches the fabric theme. What do you think? Should I make some more with inverted bottoms? Do you like the inverted handle too? I'd be very appreciative of your opinions.


  1. I like both the base and handle inverted.

  2. My first impression is to turn it inside out. Lol! And the buttons are well-camouflaged. I can't see them at all :D

  3. I like the bottom like that, I think you should make more like this one, for sure.