15 August 2010

new stock

Some for my shop. Some for some shoppers already! Some for me. It's been a delightful weekend. For about a week and a half I've been working on building my stockpile back up coz my project pouches have been quite popular amongst crafters. So I've had seven waiting to be listed. (I just remembered about those beanies too. Must list them.) On Friday I actually sold my last two from my shop so while it was raining Saturday afternoon I decided to get the others listed. I spent all afternoon doing it coz it takes a while. Check out the new variety...
But they're not all available as I've already sold two plus some other things from my store. Woohoo! I also finished up this little guy. Squidge the Jellyfish. He's cute. You can see better pics of him in my shop.
And new stock for me from my awesome sister! Knit Pro crochet hooks from Morris and Sons. You guys will appreciate these more as you're more likely to understand my delight. I had hoped to get some at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show but I didn't see any there, nor hardly any circular needles. My sneaky sister must have decided to get me some behind my back. Not that I mind. Thanks Tam! ^^ Had to start a new jellyfish today to give them a go.


  1. Gorgeous project bags. Glad they're going well for you. And the jellyfish is so cute!

  2. Don't know if I told you, but Zach has just discovered he has a jellyfish hanging in the corner of his cot, and he loves playing with the curly tentacles. Glad you like the sneaky presents. Can't believe Dad and Mum AND I forgot to pick them up and take them to your house on Saturday. lol.

  3. Hi Kel
    Aww Mr Squidge is super cute! Your adventures in the UK sound very exciting. I know of a few people that have done a similar thing and have had a fantastic time. Seems like a great way to combine travel and working. :)