23 March 2009

poncho present

The reason for my silence... A simple idea that turned into quite a large project. (Not uncommon!) Since my money is tight at present I decided to crochet my niece a poncho for her birthday. I started about 3rd March making little squares of flowers using a popcorn stitch. However they took a lot longer to make than I thought they would. Simple, just time consuming. So I changed the pattern I had and made it up as I went. I still only finished it this morning.I decided to make enough squares to go around the shoulders and then stitched them together making a little fence between each popcorn flower. Then I added some double crochet stitches to make a simple neckline before moving on to the main part.
I just guessed and tried and decided what worked. Part way down I decided to add some interest and brought back in the pink and tried out a festoon stitch. As I continued I began to worry I may not have enough yarn. I managed a decent length before the greyish purple ran out with about 15cm to spare. So I set to work on making an edge with the pink with a bit of popcorn detail. But I soon discovered, after an evening of crochet, that there wasn't enough to get around. My housemate and her boyfriend tried to convince me not to unpull it and re-do it but rather try and find some matching yarn. Try as they did they could not persuade me. The pink yarn I bought in Adelaide some 7hrs drive away and also some 3 years ago. The greyish purple was opshop scraps. I discovered a little extra of the pink yarn in my stash but even with that it wasn't enough. So yesterday I unpulled it and spread the popcorns out more and got right around the bottom.
Today I tidied up the wild ends of yarn and neatened it all up. As I crocheted from the square of popcorn flowers, and as I wasn't following a pattern, I did more stitches than needed to keep it a flat square. And especially after the festoon stitch it had a real wave in it. But I think it looks lovely with the wave. A little more special. I hope my now 9 year old niece loves it when I get the chance to see her and give it to her. I like the way it looks and the way it falls. But it certainly took a bit longer than expected.


  1. That's very nice! I posted mine on the right day, but it was a bit late. My scarf will match your poncho, I think. hehe.

    BTW, it cost me almost as much to post it as it did to by the yarn. lol. But Simon said she loved getting a parcel.

    The ruffley wave suits it. I think you should make them that way on purpose Ü

  2. Ooops. Almost got sprung looking at this by the future recipient of it.

    I just clicked on here and was thinking, "That looks nice", started to read and realised who it was for. She started to walk in just then so I had to quickly click to another screen so she wouldn't see it.

    I'm sure she'll love it and I can't wait to see it on her. I think it'll match the scarf too.