03 February 2009

days off

It's been soooo nice having today and yesterday off work. Totally free to get into crafty creative stuff. Yay! I DID make myself clean the kitchen yesterday morning before starting as it was dreadfully needing a good clean. But after that I got to work on a journal. So far so good. I'm quite happy with the way it's turning out. I soaked the edges in coffee and ripped them and have bound all the signatures together to form the book part. Today I'm going to work on the cover using the materials it's sitting on here.
Today I went for a bit of a shop in the morning. I decided to iron and fold all my fabric on Sunday afternoon so I can store it in a better way so I don't have to rummage through my basket when I want to see what I can use. I found these great square baskets at a good price and they are perfect. I bought two and I've got room to buy more fabric. Joy! They look great and it's much more inspirational to see easily what I have. I'm happy.


  1. So glad you like the brooches! Yes spotlight is indeed a scary place to shop when you only want to go in for one thing. I could spend all day there! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Sophie x

  2. I'm curious about the dark tabs hanging out the back of the unbound journal. What purpose do they serve? I've seen many ways of sewing signatures but not one like that. I'd like to see a demo, or at least the rationale.

  3. They're holding the signatures together and they've been glued to the cover now. However, I found a better way bind the signatures together. The next ones I've done coptic binding. I prefer it without the material bits I think. That was just the first way I found online so I tried it.